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eQTL mapping: the added value in complex trait dissection
【发布日期: 2014-06-11】 【来源:省亚热带森林培育国家重点实验室培育基地 】 【编辑:】 【编辑:赵晟】 【点击量:】

报告题目:eQTL mapping: the added value in complex trait dissection



报 告 人:Dr. Yuehua Cui (Associate Professor, Michigan State University, USA)

报告概况:Quantitative trait loci (QTL) mapping with expression levels of transcripts as phenotypes is termed eQTL mapping or genetical genomics analysis. eQTL mapping combines the two endeavors, gene expression analysis and genetic mapping, and brings new perspectives in understanding the genetic architecture of gene expression. With eQTL mapping, one can infer gene regulations, in particular, cis- or trans-regulations. In this talk, the background of eQTL mapping, and the added value of eQTL mapping in complex trait dissection over the traditional QTL mapping approach will be briefly introduced, followed by introduction to some recent work for the identification of pathway regulators as well as gene-gene interactions in eQTL mapping study, aimed to gain novel insights into gene regulations from a systems biology perspective.


Dr. Cui’s research interests are as follows:

·Statistical genetics: Genetic linkage and association study, (e)QTL, and functional QTL mapping of complex traits/diseases

·Statistical models for genomic imprinting, Large scale genome-wide association study

·Statistical genomics: Microarray data analysis, RNA-Seq and Chip-Seq data analysis, Clustering, Gene set enrichment analysis, Gene network inference

·Longitudinal data analysis, Functional data analysis, Mixture model

·Statistical applications in biological sciences

His Editorial Services include:

·Deputy Section Editor (Statistical and Computational Genetics Section), BMC Genetics(2010-)

·Associate Editor, BMC Genetics(2010-)

·Editorial Advisory Board: Recent Patents on Biotechnology(2010-)

·Guest Editor: special issue on 'Statistical and Computational Genetics and Genomics', Recent Patents on Biotechnology(2010-2011)

·Editorial Board: Hereditary Genetics(2011-)

·Editorial Board (Computational Biology Domain), The Scientific World Journal(2011-)

·Review Editorial Board: Frontiers in Statistical Genetics and Methodology(2011-)

·Editorial Board: Journal of Computational Medicine(2012-)




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